The real cowboy life

You are a western riding lover and you want to share your passion with some other enthusiats? You want to learn more about this way of life and you are looking for a specialized blog to obtain some information? Do not look further anymore, you are in the right place !

The western blog

Western riding is a very different world, so far away from the classical european riding: that is why it is difficult to make the connection with both of them. So we wanted to gather on our blog all the information you need to become a western riding expert: indeed you will be able to find all the latest news about western in your region, with the calendar of the shows during the year. You will also find a dedicated section with all kind of advice and lifehacks. Moreover, our blog gathers one of the biggest western communities of the world: so you will be able to exchange and chat via our online forum with thousands of other western riding lovers, share your tips and tricks and your experiences as well, and also benefit from the wise pieces of advice from expert cow-boys.

How to live like a cow-boy

A lot of people dream of living in the way of the cow-boys: indeed who has never dreamt of ride a beautiful paint horse through the Western desert, like Franck Hopkins did during the nineteenth century? However, althouth the idea was the stuff dreams are made off, you have to know that the real cow-boys are really far from having an easy life: indeed, managind a ranch is daily very restrictive. You have to maintain the installation, take care of the horses and handle with the cattle... But it must be acknowledged that the western way of life has many attractions for those who want to come closer to nature: indeed the cow-boys rides everyday, follow the rythm of the sun and have a closer relationship with their environment.

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