Getting ready to saddle up for the spring

Winter is over, the snow has finally disappeared. Getting ready now to saddle up and enjoy that breeze you feel while riding your dear horse. There is just one problem, your saddle is abused. Not because you did not take care of it but because time has taken its toll. And just like anything else saddles have a time frame. In due time they will succumb to that wear and tear.

But look no further. It is easy to get those saddles replaced. But maybe you don't want it to be too costly. Those fine used saddles are still good for something. Though not now, an overly used one can hurt not only you but your precious horse.

So, for this spring, let us consider getting a new one maybe, but your saddle has visible damage, and you are no longer confident that it will do e what it is made for, comfort and safety. Time to get a new one? Maybe, if you are ready to break the bank just for something that you will overuse and tear apart before the next season. This is where a right, well-restored saddle comes in. It may sound cheap or stingy, but it is convenient. Come to think of it. It is a saddle that you will be using on a daily basis. Maybe for a stroll or practice hence purchasing a brand new one doesn't really make any sense. Still using that worn-out saddle won't do its job so getting a second hand one is your option

Excellently repaired used saddles once restored correctly with the use of modern technology can be as good as those brand new ones, so don't spend too much on purchasing a new one. Just get a well-restored saddle, and you should be ready to saddle up and ride your horse this spring.

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