How to keep a close eye on your horse's diet

Before you have to feed your horse, you must first base yourself on basic foods but above all, first and foremost understand your daily diet and needs.

Understand your horse's diet

Whether you are an feed additive or not, you need to know that a horse needs to feed about a fortnight to 16 hours a day in the wild. These small meals are very diverse. It is known that the digestive tract of the horse in question is perfectly adapted to this habit. That is why changing it could cause him to suffer bad health. This is also the case for his teeth that are constantly growing and his stomach is small. Know that a horse is not a ruminant. That is to say that he takes all his time to chew his food before swallowing it directly. It is therefore not necessary either to bring him a meal too voluminous which would risk to make his digestion incomplete.

Provide him with his ration

Usually, a horse eats grazed grass at around 50 and 100kg per day. The dosage will depend on its physiological needs. It also eats preserved fodder including enselage, hay or wrapping. Apart from these, the horse can also swallow concentrated foods such as cereal seeds, minerals, co-products, vitamins, processed foods or cakes. It should not be forgotten that he is gourmet in nature and can easily refuse poorly preserved or spoiled food. You must also pay close attention to the dust content of the surroundings in order to avoid the chronic irritation of your respiratory system, which will then greatly reduce its performance. It should be noted that he must also drink a lot of water. This means that a water basin must always be at its disposal.

It is therefore essential to always propose a ration that will correspond to his horse according to his race, his format, his age, his sex, his physiological stage, the work he does and of course his temperament. .

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