Western saddle VS. Antares saddle

Western or Antares, the both saddles are leaders in his lineage, that's why this battle is not important, but we will try to separate the two parts.

The importance of the saddle for the horse

The saddle is the point of intersection between the horse and the rider, so it is the important accessories of a horse, especially if it is a sport horse. The adapted saddle will come to pose homogeneously on both sides of the back line. The muscles of the horse's back located under the saddle that will support the weight of the rider. The comfort is important for the rider as for the horse and this in all its structure.

Western saddle

As the name suggests, the western saddle comes from America, and it was in 1850 that we released the first saddle on the market. The western saddle is intended for a special sport, as the circus or the rider can make lots of figures on the back of the horse. We have several types of western saddle also, because the horse that uses this kind of saddle works the field. The rodeo saddle is also ranked among the class of western activities. The distinction between his three saddles is the shape of the cowboy's seat. So, in a husk, the western saddle is destined for a hike as a race course.

The saddle by Antares

This label is a used antares saddles brand, because it is the queen of saddles for horses. This brand takes care of every morphology of the horse. Everything is processed by hand in the factory of this company, and what is great is that Antares cares about its users. A saddle for experts, this brand evolves according to the needs of people and it offers several models on its interface. Antares has developed since then and in 2007, this brand has labelled several names that deals with horses.

This brief description indicates that the two marks are different from each other, each model depending on each need.

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